Terms and Conditions


The following booking Terms and Conditions form the basis of your booking with Rwindi safaris LTD (“we”, “us” and “our”). Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. By confirming your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have had the opportunity to read and have read these booking conditions and agreed to them.

These Terms and Conditions only apply to the trip arrangements which you book with us and which we agree to execute, provide or perform (as applicable) as part of our agreement with you. All references in these booking conditions to “trip”, “tour”, “booking”, “contract” or “arrangements” mean such trip arrangements except when otherwise stated. References to “departure” mean the start date of these arrangements.

2. Making a booking

For a booking to be effective and binding, it must be officially channeled through any of Rwindi safaris LTD selling channels. all bookings are confirmed upon payment of a 50% deposit fee. This deposit or part of it is only refundable based on the “Cancellations and cancellation fee” provisions in this document. The deposit forms part of a customer’s quoted amount. The remaining is paid 40 days before arrival or on arrival and prior to departure. If we do not receive the final payment before the departure, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. In the case of billing errors, we reserve the right to re-invoice with correct pricing.

3. Cancellations and cancellation fees

Rwindi safaris LTD accepts free Cancellation up to 30 days prior to the communicated start time and date of our tours.  In case of refund, the customer is fully refunded the portion of the money destined for Rwindi safaris LTD services but incurs all prior and current bank transfer fees and charges. When opted, the customer can use the funds for any of our services.
Cancellations must be advised to Rwindi safaris LTD in writing via email to

Accommodation, national park permits and other third party service cancellation: With packages including accommodation, national park permits and other third party services, the cancellation fee will be determined by the cancellation policies of the accommodation establishments, national park management and involved third party entities. For transparency, the cancellation communications with the involved third party entities will be shared with the guest.​

If Rwindi safaris LTD cancels a tour, we will re-book passengers on the same tour with a different departure date, as agreed with both parties. All re-bookings are subject to availability. If the replacement tour is not accepted by the customer, Rwindi safaris LTD will refund all the money paid with no additional liability.

4. Insurance

Rwindi safaris LTD strongly recommends insurance to cover cancellation charges, trip interruption, and accident and baggage loss. Rwindi safaris LTD accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of baggage or other personal property.

5. cancellations and Non-refunds for unused services

No refunds will be made for unused services once travel arrangements have commenced.
 Gorilla permits and air tickets are 100% non-refundable.

The following cancellation charges apply to the basic program rate:

60 days or more prior to arrival 10% charge

59 – 32 days prior to arrival 25% charge

31 – 8 days prior to arrival, 75% charge

7 – 1 Day Prior to arrival, 100% charge

6. Service inquiries after the tour

If after returning from the tour you wish to inquire about any tour services provided, please ensure that all correspondence relating to those services is received by Rwindi safaris LTD within 30 days after the tour completion date.​

7. Passports and visas

A valid passport and visa are required of all tour participants. Ugandans & Rwandans need a National ID card for tours taking place inside Uganda and Rwanda.

8. Health requirements

Customers on our trips are supposed to be fit health wise.

9. Travellers who need special assistance

Any disability requiring special attention must be reported to Rwindi safaris LTD at the time of booking. Rwindi safaris LTD will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of disabled tour participants but is not responsible for any denial of services, or non-provision by carriers, hotels, lodges, restaurants, or other independent suppliers, nor any additional expenses incurred. Some places and facilities are not equipped with wheelchair ramps and other facilities for the physically challenged. We regret we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member for walking, dining, getting on/off transportation vehicles, or other personal needs. Travelers who need assistance must be accompanied by a qualified and physically able companion.

10. Age limitations

Activities and attractions in our tour packages have different age limitations. It is important to inform us about the age of participants so as to crosscheck age compatibility in different activities and attractions. Rwindi safaris LTD will not be liable in case of access or service denial by a service provider in the booked tour package.

11. Tour prices

Tour prices are per person.

12. Accommodations

Our customers are accommodated in Clean accommodation establishments In East Africa, that is between One and three-star grade. Four and five-star accommodation require a special request and hence customisation of the tour package and tour pricing.

13. Meals on our tours

Meals are based on the hotel’s or restaurant’s buffet or set menu. In general, alcoholic beverages are not included, unless specifically stated.

14. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on group tours. For smoking freedom, you need to book a private tour and have consent from all your co-travellers on the private tour.

15. National public holidays

During local or national holidays, certain facilities such as museums and restaurants, sightseeing tours and shopping may be limited or not available. Alternatives will be offered whenever possible.

16. Photographs and maps

Photographs show places in geographic areas but are not necessarily included in the tour. Maps shown on the tour pages are for general information and may not accurately reflect actual routings.

17. Safety

Please be aware that during your participation in tours operated by Rwindi safaris LTD some risks and dangers may arise beyond our control including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, automobile, or other means of transportation; the forces of nature, political unrest and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. Rwindi safaris LTD will not have liability regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. It is understood that Rwindi safaris LTD will use its best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken.

18. Responsibility

Rwindi safaris LTD and/or its agents act only in the capacity of agent for the passengers in all matters pertaining to the tour. They shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss caused by neglect or default of any company or person engaged in conveying the tour, or any hotel proprietor or other person supplying services or material in connection with the tour. Rwindi safaris LTD reserves the right to withdraw a tour, refuse to accept or retain any person as a member of a tour at any time, or to make changes in the published itinerary, whenever in our sole judgement we deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience or safety of the passengers. All prices are based on tariffs in effect at the same time of publication of these Terms and Conditions and are subject to reconfirmation at the time of booking. Refunds for any portion of the tours not taken will be made by the operator on the cancelled portion, less the expenses incurred in the handling. All requests for refund must be sent to Rwindi safaris LTD, in writing, no later than 30 days after cancellation or after the tour where applicable. Rwindi safaris LTD shall be released from any liability under the guarantee to such a participant who does not file a timely claim.